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I am an investor by nature but an avid music lover in every sense of the word. I am always looking for investment opportunities to increase my cash flow, therefore when I heard about, my antennas went up. I am extremely pleased to now have access to invest in the hit songs of today and the future and earn a lifetime royalty for a small one time investment. Every time an Original Song Titled-Song that I invested in is sold, played on the radio, aired on television, sung by recording artist, streamed or downloaded online or licensed, I receive royalties, which is a win for me.

Dianne G.
Denver, Colorado

I initially heard about InvestInMusic through a friend. She told me about how the music industry was changing by allowing the general public the unfettered access to invest in up to 20% songwriters royalties per original song title in today’s and tomorrow’s future hit songs. I’ve been a part of a few bad apples/investments in my life but finally this was the perfect chance for me to invest small in original songs and reap royalties for life. was a no brainer for me.

Ursula S.
Monterey, California

Wow, what can I say? InvestInMusic seemed to be unreal at first until I thought about the process of investing in future royalty shares on the front end and earning a recurrent royalty check for life. The $250.00 investment per ½ royalty percentage point was so small for me; I decided to go big and spend $5,000 to purchase half the Original Song Titled-Song in the Country Music genre, which gave me permanent ownership of 10% of the songwriter’s royalties and the same 10% copyright ownership for life. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Jeb T
Nashville, Tennessee

My kids and I are big music lovers and our favorite is Taylor Swift. One day we went online and saw that Taylor Swift was worth 150 million dollars. We started seeking online in hopes of making money writing songs, so we could at least make money similar to our favorite singer. While fishing online we scrolled across and the rest is history. Now, my kids and I are now owner’s in royalty share percentages and copyright ownerships in several Original Song Titled-Songs whereby we will receive royalties for life.

Kim H
Brooklyn, New York

I’m an old school investor and music lover. I can smell a scam brewing 100 miles away, especially after I get a whiff of its aroma. I received a flyer in the mail about this company I’ve never before thought that something so simple as investing in songwriters royalties could or would become a very lucrative investment until now. offers the public online access to invest in songwriters royalties of Original Song Titles whereby the investor can receive ongoing royalty profits. This business model is unique and very sound in its structure. After carefully and methodically examining, I only see great harvest to come for the investor and the company. I decided to purchase the full 20% songwriters royalties for 4 Original Song Titled-Songs.

John A
Dallas, Texas

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