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Original Song Titles

  • If Not For A Woman
    If Not For A Woman is a song about a man love for the women in his life and asks the question, If Not For A Woman, Where Would He Be?

  • Show Me
    Show Me is a song about a single man that seeks a wife and asks God to show him a peek of her in his dream.

  • 10 Long Days
    10 Long Days is a song about anticipating a long awaited wedding day

  • Ultimate Sacrifice
    Ultimate Sacrifice is a song about making a commitment to prove your love to another

  • Walls
    Walls is a song about the many obstacles one faces but eventually find a wall that can be climbed.

  • Shredded Letters
    Shredded Letters is a song about a woman scorned because of broken promises.

  • Lets Rave
    Lets Rave is a song about partying until the sun come out, until the dance floor caves in.

  • Uncover My Eyes
    Uncover My Eyes is a song about a woman finally feeling free after a blinding relationship.

  • Cali fornia
    Cali Fornia is a song about having fun in the sun, sunroof down and beach bound.

  • Pretty Little Liar
    Pretty Little Liar is a song about a pretty woman that lies repeatedly, but in a stupid way its kind of cute.

  • Since I Was 17
    Since I Was 17 is songs about a female experiencing love at an older age that she hasn't felt since 17.

  • More Than Words
    More Than Words is a song about showing love through actions and not just through words.

  • Sacrificed For Love
    Sacrificed For Love is a song about two people giving up certain lifestyles in order to love each other exclusively.

  • Smile
    Smile is a song about people giving out an infectious smile so that the smile fever can't infect the world to bring about a joyous world.

  • Unsaid
    Unsaid is a song about not always speaking your mind when you have the urge to express yourself.

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