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About InvestInMusic is an online Source Company of “Original Song Titled- “Songs, written and produced for today’s current recording stars, tomorrow’s hit recording artists and future platinum recording artists.

We're a team of Award winning Music producers, Billboard winning songwriters and Grammy Award winning recording engineers. Our collective musical collaborations with recording artists and entertainment companies world-wide have resulted in over 70 million records sold to date. Our “Original Song Titled-Songs” have been heard by 1billion people and counting via, record sells, radio air play, television views, streaming-downloads via the Internet and through many other mediums.

Our experienced team of industry heavyweights have collectively pooled their professional musical talents and industry prowess in order to introduce a never before seen music business enterprise to the mainstream by offering the investor-music lover the unprecedented opportunity to own up to 20% songwriters royalties per “Original Song Titled-Song” without ever writing a lyric or playing a note. Investor(s) in the “Original Song Titled-Song” maintains permanent Royalty Percentage Shares and Copyright Ownership commensurate to the royalty percentage shares purchased.

The Music Industry grossed over 40 Billion Dollars Last Year, mostly from “Original Song Titled-Songs”; therefore it is imperative that the investor-music lover gets a piece of the royalty pie. Investing in “Original Song Titled-Songs” with InvestInMusic, yields a lifetime royalty. Your Time Is Now.

What’s the Investment Amount and Breakdown
The investment amount is $250 per ½ of a full (1%), which means there are 2 half’s that comprises a full percentage point. Each “Original Song Titled-Song” has a maximum 20% songwriter’s royalties for investment. There are 40 half’s per “Original Song Titled-Song “for investment, equaling 20%.

Investing In Music Royalties

"Is The Safest Investment Without The High Risk"

Because of the current state of the economy, countless people are looking for innovative ways to invest their money into profitable ventures that are not bound to erratic stock market fluctuations. This has led to a rise in the popularity of alternatives to stocks, like songwriters royalties. Royalty revenues have continued to grow over the past years in spite of the unsteady global economy. In 2013 more than one billion dollars in royalties were collected worldwide by the 2.5 million artists.

A royalty is a monetary compensation compensated to the owner of an asset (often an intellectual property). The owner may license the asset to be used by an additional party and will be paid a percentage of the remaining revenues of the asset based on its usage

Look at royalties as dividends

By acquiring parts of the performance or mechanical royalty rights of your favorite songwriter and/or artist, you can secure a perpetual income as the music is played and sold repeatedly in various mediums.

Many experts consider that royalty income can only increase in the years to come – partly due to the rapidly growing (and music-consuming) world population and partly as intellectually property rights become increasingly protected by governments. Additionally, tracking usage and collecting royalties will only become easier, more exact and proficient over time, thanks to ever-developing technologies.

Another appealing aspect of royalties is the fact that they can be collected worldwide and in numerous currencies. So, although you are likely to be paid in U.S. dollars from a U.S.-based service like Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), for example, you could consider royalties as an inflation protection as well as a currency hedge, as the US$ equivalent will fluctuate based on the various currencies royalties are paid in

Will the internet destroy the radio star?

No, the royalty collection companies are evolving, and they’re making use of the new distribution channels and turning them to their advantage. To further highlight the valuable prospects, BMI, as an example, tracked 1.6 billion performances on BMI-licensed websites in the second quarter of 2011. In fact, BMI is paying more songwriters, composers, and music publishers than ever before in its 71-year history as of 2011.

How do you buy royalties in

Buying and selling music royalties is now easier than ever thanks to Our company offers 20% songwriter’s royalties investments per Original Song Titled-Song.

The Royalty Investment offers an unfettered access to the general public to purchase up to 20% songwriters in Original Song Titled-Songs in 12 genre categories. It’s a good starting place if you’re thinking about snapping up royalties in today’s and tomorrows original hit songs.

Investors choose the desired song title and percentage shares for investment ownership and then finalizes selection by selecting the “Go To Checkout” button which will direct the investor(s) to make payment through our partner PayPal. Investor(s) own purchased royalty percentage shares and commensurate copyright ownership for life therefore yielding a lifetime royalty.

How does buying royalties work?

It’s pretty simple. The songwriter/music producer relinquishes 20% songwriter’s royalties per Original Song Titled-Song for purchase by the general public/investors/music lover. Investors maintain permanent ownership of purchased songwriters royalties and commensurate copyright. While the songwriter/music producer would still own 80% of the rights to those songs, he or she would share part of their income with an investor whenever they’re sold, played on the radio or streamed online and much more.

Investor then get royalties payments either quarterly for life. The investor can also pass on their royalty share and copyright ownership to love ones, providing all necessary transfer forms are correctly filled out and signed with the Library of Congress, Copyright Office.

Investors pay $250 USD per ½ royalty percentage share. If an investor decides to purchase all 20% of an Original Song Titled-Song, their checkout total would be $10,000 USD.

Should I invest in royalties?

Pros Yes, music royalties are very much a different investment and a low risk venture with high gains. If you pick the right Original Song Titled-Song product and genre, you can enjoy regular returns, which could pay you royalties for life.

Cons Some songs sell more than others and are played more than others therefore some investors will see more of a return than others. It can take months up to a year to see any real return on your investment. Not only that but with most songs and other products, there’s generally a slow decline in income as singers are forgotten and the records get played less, making less money.

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